DJM-363 Professional DJ Mixer

  • Professional Single CD player with scratch
  • Slot in Disc installed function
  • CD/USB/SD/MMC compatible or MP3 playback
  • CD TEXT/MP3 Id3 tag name display
  • CD-R/RW playback; Seamless Loop; RVS effect; BRAKE Effect
  • Drag and drop start-up sound effect; SCRATCH effect; Manual BPM Input
  • Improved interface operation thanks to a large jog/shuttle wheel and track select knob
  • Shockproof function protecting against external vibrations
  • Big liquid-crystal display screen (VFD); Pitch/Pitch adjust
  • Electric Voltage: AC80-260V 50Hz/60Hz; Power:15W; Type: Sing Compact Disc Player
  • Workable Standard CD: 8,12cm; Quantitative: D/A
  • Converter 16Bit; Program Memory: 20 tracks; Freq. Range: 20-20000Hz + 2db;
  • Audio output: Unbalanced via RCA; Output: 2 Vrms

* All specifications are subject to change without prior notice