KPA 830
Portable Wireless P.A. System


 With accessories:

  • Wireless handheld mic, Headworn mic, Belt-pack, AC cord, DC cord, Remote control, 2pcs. 9V battery
  • Microphone frequency 197-275mHz
  • Built-in MP3, USB, SD card slot
  • Digital display
  • FM Radio Tuner
  • Timer Alarm
  • Auxilliary in guitar and keyboard
  • Connectible with DVD, CD, MP3 computer
  • Built-in battery 12V-7A rechargeable with auto charger indicator
  • Speaker : Low 8”, Mid 6.5” and High 3” 
  • Option: Load capable of 2 additional wired microphones
  • Power: 12V DC-220/240VAC; 300 watts Peak power
  • 8 hours maximum play
  • Stand mountable 
  • Size: 44.3cm x 32.2cm x 65.3cm Weight: 10kgs.

* All specifications are subject to change without prior notice