Electronics for a better life.



1- Innovate through research and development.

2- Pursue the highest quality of electronic products and complementing services.

3- Ensure electronics is safe to life and the environment.


Kolin Electronics Company, Inc. is into the manufacture, assembly, import, and nationwide marketing of a wide variety of electronic products of national and global brands. These include Power supplies. Sound equipment. Lighting and stage complements. Professional audio equipment. And video.

Incorporated in 1995, Kolin started six years earlier in 1989 as a sole proprietorship bearing the name Kolin Electronics Industrial Supply. Its early products were, converter-chargers, regulated power supplies, and automatic voltage regulators.

Earning the trust and patronage of the market in its first two years established Kolin as a leading electronic brand in the market. A prime supplier to leading companies in the electronics manufacturing industry, Kolin to this day accepts OEM/ODM job orders. In past and afoot local and national elections the most preferred brand of public address system is Kolin.